Log cabin Malta 5x5.12m (25m²), 44mm


Log cabin Malta 5x5.12m (25m²), 44mm


- wall logs - 44mm, double T&G, Nordic pine wood;
- Ridge height - 2,97m;
- Wall height- 2,295m;
- External - 5 x 5.12m, including veranda 1.12m deep
- Base size - 4,943 x 3,813m;
- Internal area - 18.32m²;
- Roof area - 30m²;
- Double door, fully glazed, opening outwards - 1295 x 1860mm (frame size);
- 4 single windows, opening outwards - 700 x 1320mm (frame size);
- Windows and doors with double glazing and double rubber gasket;


- Roof boards T&G, min 18-20mm;
- Floor boards T&G, min 18-20mm, might be finger jointed;
- Terrace boards ,min 20mm thick;
- Cylinder lock for added security to the doors;
- Adjustable hinges for windows and doors;
- Nails and screws for installation;
- Installation instructions;
- Foundation bearers 47x47mm, impregnated against rot


- This model can be reversible during installation;
- VAT included;
- Free delivery in Dublin area on a HIAB;
- Cabin comes flat packed - DYI; installation service is extra cost;